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Stem cell special issues in Science and Newsweek

People who need a recent, accessible summary of what stem cells could do in medicine should check out this Newsweek piece, Will Stem Cells Finally Deliver? by Harvard professors David Scadden and Anthony L. Komaroff.

For those who want more-technical reading, Science has pulled together a special issue on organ development, that includes articles on regeneration of pancreas and liver cells (Marcus Grompe and Ken Zaret), stem cells’ origin in organogenesis (J.M.W. Slack), cardiogenesis (Ken Chien, Ibrahim Domian, Kit Parker), and more.

And, I’d be remiss not to mention the special issue that Nature put together several months ago on regenerative medicine. Here’s a web focus of reviews and relevant research articles, as well as accessible, informal interviews with experts including Robert Boyd, Ken Chien, Sheng Ding, Geoff Gurtner, Christine Mummery, and Len Zon.


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