The Niche

This week on Nature Reports Stem Cells and elsewhere

Here are the stories that just went live

Look now! Human iPS cells with no genetic integration

Six reprogramming factors in a plasmid reach a holy grail

Carbon dating shows humans make new heart cells

The cold war helps settle a hot debate about how hearts grow.

How tissue-specific stem cells keep their fate

Epidermal stem cells stay skin even if alternative programs shed chromatin marks of repression

G-protein signalling is needed for stem cell homing

Protein is vital for engrafting of haematopoietic stem cells

Published online: 02 April 2009; doi:10.1038/stemcells.2009.53

Many intestinal villi from a single stem cell, in culture

Even without a supporting niche, intestinal stem cells can self-organize into a mini-organ in a dish

iPS cell technology gains momentum in drug discovery

Reprogramming of adult cells without viral vectors adds to the excitement about their application of iPS cells in drug development


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