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More information on Russian stem cell IPO

Alexey Bersenev, whom many of you know from his blog Hematopoiesis, had this additional info on the Russian stem cell IPO reported yesterday by Reuters and blogged by me in the previous post. (Thanks Alexey!)

I know Dr. Isaev in person very well. He is a businessmen, but not a scientist. That’s why he has no PubMed record. He also has a medical degree (MD). He is a pioneer of private cord blood baking in Russia. For scientific part of Institute you can look at PubMed for “Kiselev SL” Dr. Kiselev is a scientific director.

The Institute is a publisher of russian scientific journal dedicated to stem cell research and regenerative medicine. The Institute organize conferences for professionals in cord blood banking and also have a research laboratory, dedicated to develop of “cord blood-based cell products” for clinical trials and gene therapy technologies.

I think IPO for his company (aka institute) is a huge leap in commercialization of stem cell and regenerative medicine technologies in Russia and Eastern Europe regions.


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