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This week in stem cells

On Nature Reports Stem Cells and Nature News


Ethics scrutiny needed for Chinese-European projects

Panel calls for joint advisory body to monitor research.

Stem-cell drug fails crucial trials

Experimental treatment does not halt fatal complication of bone-marrow transplant.

Stem cell company accused of hype

Strong words from the SEC

News and highlights from recently published papers

International Stem Cell Research Society reading list, a compilation of papers presented at ISSCR

Induced pluripotent stem cells down to one factor

Human neural stem cells reprogrammed with only OCT4

What does Nanog do?

In embryos and induced pluripotent stem cells, Nanog sets the ground state of pluripotency

Stem cells delay disease onset in mice with neurodegenerative disease

Transplanted cells from biotech company detoxify poisoned brains, at least for awhile

Research papers and perspectives

A luminal epithelial stem cell that is a cell of origin for prostate cancer from Michael Shen at Columbia University and colleagues

The story was reported, among other places, in Reuters. Here’s the press release.

Developmental biology: Instructions writ in blood by Tariq Enver and Sten Jacobsen at University of Oxford

Cancer stem cells: mirage or reality? by Robert Weinberg at the Broad Institute and colleagues

Systems biology of stem cell fate and cellular reprogramming by Ihor Lemischka and colleagues at Mount Sinai School of Medicine


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