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Inconsistent Christian views on reprogramming

I’ve been reading the coverage on making embryonic-like stem cells without embryos in the religious press, and two quotes going through my mind, both sarcastic. One is “Shocked! Shocked!” (from Casablanca) and the other is “Oh, Lord! Make me pure, but not just yet.” (from St. Augustine).  Read more

Renaming the Embyronic Stem Cell Registry recasts debate

The day that President Bush vetoed legislation to expand federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, he also issued an executive order calling for a plan to promote alternate sources of pluripotent stem cells, the details of which were announced today. Like the original executive order, it calls for the NIH Human Embryonic Stem Cell Registry to be renamed the NIH Pluripotent Stem Cell Registry.  Read more

Embryonic stem cells made without destroying embryos

Bob Lanza, scientific head of ACT, says he’s generated three embryonic stem cell lines without destroying embryos. These would be the first embryonic stem cell lines ever made where an embryo wasn’t destroyed. In fact, he’s waiting to see if the NIH will fund research on these lines on the grounds that, since no embryo was destroyed, these lines should be eligible for federal grants. Other scientists at the meeting are skeptical. They say they need to see data.  Read more