The Niche

ISSCR sessions from Barrandon and Mikkola: thymus makes skin, SCL starts up HSCs

Note: These accounts of talks given at ISSCR were written by Andrea Ditadi. Yann Barrandon: Thymus cells make skin, hair follicles The skin, vagina, cornea, esophagus and other organs in contact with external environment, no matter their germ layer of origin, are all covered with stratified epithelium. Such epithelium is characterized by cells that undergo constant self-renewal. Yann Barrandon of Lausanne University Medical School reported some years ago that this long-term renewal was due to a population of multipotent, clonogenic stem cells. (Claudinot et al 2005, PNAS). These cells persist in niches and proliferate according to environmental cues. In vitro, 


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