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Happy birthday, Nature Chemical Biology!

Nature Chemical Biology is now one year old, and the editors have put together a special anniversary issue to celebrate: in addition to the usual selection of exciting primary research, this issue has a meeting report by Jennifer Kohler on the recent American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology meeting (which had a great series of talks in the “Chemical Genetics and Drug Discovery” section) and a review article by Jason Chin on synthetic biology. (If you’re interested in synthetic biology, you might want to check out the Nature Newsblog for Oliver Morton’s thoughts on the Second International Conference on Synthetic Biology.)  … Read more

Hot stuff

Following hot on the heels of the h-index, we now have ‘m’, (I would have called it the ‘m-factor’), a measure of just how ‘hot’ a given research topic is. In this week’s issue of Nature, Jim Giles reports on how this analysis has been applied to selected scientific topics and compounds in order to determine what’s hot and what’s not. (The blog entry at Nature News can be found here)  … Read more

Ask an expert

If you’re an organic chemist, you’ve probably already seen this blog entry, but for those of you who don’t read Tenderbutton regularly, you should check it out. Dylan Stiles is a graduate student in the Trost group at Stanford, and a few weeks ago, ‘Ask Tenderbutton’ was conceived: you can send in your chemistry question/problem and Dylan will try to answer it/give you some advice. In addition, you’ll also get plenty of suggestions from his regular readers – ‘Debenzylating in Despair’ has already received 20 comments from Dylan’s readers. The best part: Dylan’s asked people to write their questions in the cheesy ‘Dear Ann Landers’ style (hence the letter from ‘Debenzylating in Despair’…)  … Read more

I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees…

While flipping through yesterday’s issue of Nature, I came across the special report on toxicology/toxicologists in the Naturejobs section… After struggling to get that infernal Britney Spears song out of my head, I read through the article, which really made toxicology sound like an interesting career…  … Read more

Carry On Chemistry

There seems to be a little bit of silliness in the air… It started last week when Paul over at The Endless Frontier posted about a recent paper in Nano Letters with a slightly unusual title… It carried on this week when Dylan at Tenderbutton posted about a graphic graphical abstract from an Inorganic Chemistry paper (also noted by Paul a little while back). A handy resource for such silliness can be found here… which directed me to this humorously titled chem paper – can anybody out there beat that?!  Read more