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Happy birthday, Nature Chemical Biology!

Nature Chemical Biology is now one year old, and the editors have put together a special anniversary issue to celebrate: in addition to the usual selection of exciting primary research, this issue has a meeting report by Jennifer Kohler on the recent American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology meeting (which had a great series of talks in the “Chemical Genetics and Drug Discovery” section) and a review article by Jason Chin on synthetic biology. (If you’re interested in synthetic biology, you might want to check out the Nature Newsblog for Oliver Morton’s thoughts on the Second International Conference on Synthetic Biology.)

This special issue has a new section called “Elements,” which “”">will feature interviews with key people in the chemical biology community and offer insights into places or events that are of general interest to chemists and biologists." In this issue, Joanne Kotz talks with Harvard Professor Jeremy Knowles.

Lastly, the editorial team at Nature Chemical Biology has put together a selection of papers from their first 12 issues, all of which are free for the month of June.


Joshua Finkelstein (Associate Editor, Nature).


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    Jordan said:

    Looks good. If only my institution (one of the largest universities in North America) had an online subscription to Nature Chemical Biology…

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    Joshua said:

    Hi Jordan,

    I’m sorry to hear that one of the top Canadian universities doesn’t carry Nature Chemical Biology.

    At the risk of sounding like a salesman, have you asked one of the librarians about getting a site-license? If you’re seriously interested in Nature Chemical Biology (or any other journal, for that matter), you might want to talk with a librarian – although academic libraries have limited (and shrinking) budgets, I think they’d want to hear which journals you (and your co-workers) need/want to read… And I’m not sure if this is the case for your university, but since Nature Chemical Biology is relatively new, they might not know that you/people in your department are interested in reading it…

    Alternatively, it’s only $64 USD to get an online only subscription as a student/post-doc (+7% GST for Canadians…)

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    Jordan said:

    Josh — Believe me, I’ve put the request for a site license in a couple of times. We get Nature Methods and Nature Materials (and probably a bunch of other Nature sub-journals) but not Nature Chemical Biology.

    I’ll keep asking, and will tell them that you sent me!