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European Chemistry Congress: Gold medal

A big conference just isn’t a big conference without a lot of handing out of medals. So here’s congrats to Jonathan Nitschke of the University of Geneva, for winning the European Young Chemist’s award. He got an IOU from the Italian Chemical Society for 1,800 €, and a nice gold medal. Lee Cronin promised me that if he didn’t win, he would get up and shout ’It’s rigged! It’s rigged!‘, but unfortunately, he got one of the silver medals, and so we didn’t get to see a temper tantrum in the tent.


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    European Chemist said:

    Congrats for J. Nitschke it is! Although a sour taste for some other young chemists in Europe since the selection process for the final seemed itself to be rigged… and somewhat undermined by the (apparent) desire both to represent all different branches of chemistry as well as to have a balanced feminin presence. At least in the end, (probably) the best candidate won.