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ACS: Slow writer (part 2), or, Nature will find a way…

The extra challenge (for me and other chemical biologists or biological chemists or what have you) of the spring ACS meeting is that the biological section basically closes down. This year, the entire program was 5 sessions, which were actually all sponsored by another division. So while, at the fall meeting, it’s quite easy to scoot around between enzymes, folding, imaging, etc. within a few pages of the printed program, the spring meeting requires some extra work to find sessions dealing with biologically-related questions.  Read more

ACS: Slow writer (part 1)

Well, I’ve never been one to follow the trend, so I decided to write about the ACS after it was actually over. Forget this real-time blogging stuff! (and if you’re only reading this blog for the ACS content, keep reading for the next few days).  Read more

ACS: It’s over

So the ACS conference is no more. Actually, it feels like it’s been winding down since Tuesday, what with all the big banners saying “See you at the next meeting”, the posters advertising taxi services to the airport, and people wandering around with their luggage. I think it’s a shame that so many people have already gone home by the last day, especially for those who are still presenting. They may not be the biggest names, but it doesn’t seem fair that their potential audience is reduced before they even start.  Read more

ACS: Cold fusion anyone?

Things are winding down here. I just went along to the session on cold fusion (read the story here), but my expert timing meant that I arrived just in time for the break. Nevermind, I was treated to an advance showing of one of the talks yesterday. I have to admit, I was skeptical, but this is pretty cool stuff. As Frank Gordon, one of the cold fusion scientists said to me, “this actually looks like real science” – and he’s right.  Read more

ACS: What happened today?

Hello y’all. Apologies for the lack of posts today, I’ve been immersed in the world of cold fusion – more of which tomorrow. As such I haven’t been to any sessions, which is disappointing, and the conference is almost over – it’s certainly winding down. Apparently the ACS bigwigs are already back at home. But the conference still has one day to run. It’s going to be quite eerie in the cavernous conference venue if the exodus continues at present rates. More tomorrow….  Read more

ACS: Caught in a trap

Having bravely explored the wilds of inorganic chemistry, I decided to meander back to the more familiar territory of organic synthesis, by way of some organometallic chemistry. Braving the overly effective air-conditioning, I shivered through a terrific session in honour of David Milstein. I enjoyed listening to Ilan Marek, who gave a beautifully clear account of some pretty hardcore asymmetric organic synthesis, involving lots of zinc, copper and lithium species. Milstein himself gave a historical overview of his work, including his cool stuff on carbon-carbon bond activation.  Read more

ACS: Hero worship

There was a chance for us to “meet ”“>George Whitesides” today. It was a great idea – like a book signing by some celebrity chef or something. Having never met the great man myself I pottered over to the exhibition room and was amused by the long line of people queuing to get their special issue of Chemical and Engineering News signed.  Read more

ACS: Take a walk on the wild side

My background is in organic chemistry, but the great thing about a meeting like this is that I can learn new things. So yesterday, I decided to explore the strange (to me) world of inorganic chemistry. Frankly, I had no idea what I would discover. I half expected the inorganic attendees to fall silent when I walked into the room, staring at me with hostile eyes, before announcing “We don’t like organic chemists in these parts”. I think the jetlag is making me paranoid.  Read more