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May Day comes early

Hi all,

It’s my favorite day of the month – yet another issue of Nature Chemical Biology is available for your viewing pleasure. Our May issue features some interesting stuff, including iron-sulfur clusters, probes for hydrogen peroxide, and ground states of stem cells (yet another tongue twister?).

In addition to the primary research articles, our editorial focuses on collaborations – both how they can help catalyze and elevate research as well as a few cautionary notes for the planning stages. What have you all found to be important considerations in starting a new project with someone, whether they are in your lab, in your department, or a national or international peer? What have you gained from the experiences? As collaborations seem to be central to many current research efforts, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

Catherine (associate editor, Nature Chemical Biology)


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    Vikas Nanda said:

    She sells stem cells by the sea shore?

    It looks like you’re having a lot of fun with your new post. I look forward to the article on collaborations. Right now it seems like I don’t do anything else but start collaborations – even one on iron-sulfur clusters. Guess I have at least two reasons to check out this issue of NCB. Keep up the good work!