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A little quiz

Just came across this quiz on nanotechnology…

I’ll admit to scoring 16/20, which isn’t too bad – not telling you which ones I got wrong, however.

[UPDATE: it was actually 17/20 (honestly, it was), even if you put the correct answer in for the grey goo question, you don’t get the point…]

Have a go – some of the answers may surprise you!


Stuart Cantrill (Associate Editor, Nature Nanotechnology)


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    barney said:

    I think the “non-existent” nanobots running their website need to brush up on the difference between correct and incorrect. The grey goo question isn’t the only one that doesn’t register the correct answer. I’ll cop to getting the ones that required actual calculations wrong (and isn’t 2m a more reasonable approximation of one’s height? and how many picograms in one stone?)

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    Bronwen said:

    I did rather embarrassingly badly – I got 9! They were quite sweet though saying:

    “Not bad – but there were a few that caught you out. You need to spend more time on Nanowerk!”

    Will definitely be giving this site some attention!

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    Catherine said:

    Ah, if only I hadn’t second-guessed myself (Taniguchi) and had a momentary lapse of confusion between nanometers and Angstroms… anyway, I think a 13 is respectable!

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    joel said:

    I’m surprised there are no questions on nanowires.

    19/20—-But I had break out the calculator for the Ag coin question.

    Missed it on the budget of the NNI.

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    Ψ*Ψ said:

    11. I’ll admit to knowing nothing about Star Trek or condiments.