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Put your questions to Bob Grubbs

We’ve been contacted by Simon Frantz, senior editor of (and I suspect the real person behind the @Nobelprize_org twitter feed). He’s asked if we can publicise Nobel Laureate Robert Grubbs’ lecture at the University of Minnesota on Tuesday 02 March – tomorrow – at 11.15am local time. The lecture ‘Applications of Olefin Metathesis Catalysts’ is being webcast LIVE at the Honeywell-Nobel website.

Apart from just being an opportunity for people around the world to watch a Nobel-prize-winning chemist speak about his work live, it’s also a chance to ask questions via the wonderful world of the internet. There are several avenues: good old-fashioned email (, via a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and an orkut.

Simon says ‘This is a bit of an experiment, but we’re hoping that people will use this opportunity to not only learn first-hand about the science behind the Nobel Prizes but also pose interesting and provoking questions to Professor Grubbs, especially the blogging community as they are more primed for debating online.’

Feeling primed? Love metathesis? Then get sending those questions!


Neil Withers (Associate Editor, Nature Chemistry)


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    Aaron Rowe said:

    Grubbs gives great talks. He does an amazing job of listing all of the diverse applications of his catalysts. I’d like to know what new applications they have found in the past two years. I’d also be keen on knowing what sort of techniques and strategies might be game changers for organometallic chemists.

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    Tot. Syn. said:

    Last I saw Grubbs speak he spent quite a lot of time talking about synthetic baseball bats. Which was kinda lost on a UK audience…