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Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting 2010

Posted on behalf of Lou Woodley What question would you ask a Nobel Laureate in science if you could? This is one of the competitions that forms part of the social media aggregation site for this year’s Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting which takes place from 27th June to July 2nd. The annual Meeting on Lake Constance is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year and will bring together 61 Nobel Laureates across the sciences with almost 700 young researchers for a week of lectures and networking. To follow what happens at the event, the aggregation site brings together an official blog  … Read more

Organic chemistry for the YouTube generation

Spoof music videos offer the chance for ageing chemistry geeks such as myself to relive both their chemical and musical past. This video in particular was the cause of much hilarity within the Nature Chemistry team. This video is great – although one of the early lyrics ‘in the lab, working alone’ is a cause for concern – so let’s hope that it is there for artistic reasons rather than anything else. But can such videos serve any useful purpose?  Read more