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A chemical-free paper

A chemical-free paper

Back in April of this year, a manuscript popped up in our submission system from two chemists we know well from Twitter/the chemistry blogosphere — Chemjobber and Alex Goldberg. The paper, entitled A comprehensive overview of chemical-free consumer products is perhaps best summarised by quoting (with permission from the authors) from the cover letter that came with it:  … Read more

The tripartite element

The sign over the entry to the Nobel Institute cyclotron building in Stockholm, now part of Stockholm University. Photo courtesy of Brett Thornton.

Posted on behalf of Brett Thornton and Shawn Burdette. This blog post contains more information and references about the discovery of nobelium, and accompanies the nobelium In Your Element (IYE) article. Though it somewhat stands alone, it is best read after reading the IYE essay.  Read more