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Crystal clear data

A change in one of our publication policies had been brewing for a while at the journal — and I’m happy to say that it has now been implemented: we have updated our requirements regarding the crystallographic characterization of small molecules. This is reflected in our guide to authors.  Read more

Nature Chemistry’s 2014 impact factor citation distribution

Nature Chemistry's 2014 impact factor citation distribution

As pointed out yesterday in a blog post by Stephen Curry (and indeed in at least one previous blog post), some journals publish their citation distributions (this has also been blogged about by Steve Royle too – and probably by many others that I’m not aware of, I’m sure). I’ve been interested in doing this for Nature Chemistry for a while now, but have never quite found the time – but after a brief exchange on Twitter this afternoon, I figured I should run the numbers… (what better way to spend a Friday evening?!).  Read more