MRS: Put some chicken feathers in your engine

That is what Richard Wool suggested as apparently, when treated thermally near their melting temperature, the cheratin in the feathers develops tunnels around 7 Angstroms in size, which are very good for hydrogen storage. The material is not very efficient, but at least it is extremely low cost (3000kg waste feathers a year are produced in the US alone).  Read more

MRS: A good start

A nice, sunny afternoon in San Francisco, and my jet-lag seems to be under control. As it is my first time at the MRS, not to mention my first meeting as a Nature editor, not to mention my first attempt at blogging, I will try to keep this short and sweet. the meeting is of a manageable size (i.e. it doesn’t take half an hour to walk from one talk to the next), a big plus on my side.  Read more