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Nature Chemistry’s Altmetric top 10 for 2016

Nature Chemistry’s Altmetric top 10 for 2016

Altmetric recently posted its usual top-100 list and, as usual, there was very little chemistry to be found on it (maybe the reasons behind that should be the subject of a long soul-searching post or editorial, but that’s for another day year). After I had a little moan on Twitter, @nunobimbo asked if we’d post Nature Chemistry‘s top 10 as we did back in 2013. So, here goes… (note: I only considered Articles that appeared in 2016 print issues and these numbers are correct as of Dec 14th, 2016).  Read more

Crystal clear data

A change in one of our publication policies had been brewing for a while at the journal — and I’m happy to say that it has now been implemented: we have updated our requirements regarding the crystallographic characterization of small molecules. This is reflected in our guide to authors.  Read more

Nature Chemistry’s 2014 impact factor citation distribution

Nature Chemistry's 2014 impact factor citation distribution

As pointed out yesterday in a blog post by Stephen Curry (and indeed in at least one previous blog post), some journals publish their citation distributions (this has also been blogged about by Steve Royle too – and probably by many others that I’m not aware of, I’m sure). I’ve been interested in doing this for Nature Chemistry for a while now, but have never quite found the time – but after a brief exchange on Twitter this afternoon, I figured I should run the numbers… (what better way to spend a Friday evening?!).  Read more

Nature Chemistry’s Altmetric top 10 for 2013

Altmetric has released their 2013 Top 100 papers – journal articles that received the most online attention based on their Altmetric score. For more details behind the list, see this blog post. Nature Chemistry managed to get a whopping zero papers in this top 100, so I figured I’d find out what our Altmetric top 10 is for 2013 so that we don’t feel quite so left out. Remember: an Altmetric score doesn’t say anything about the quality of a paper, it’s just a measure of online buzz (which can result for many different reasons…).  Read more

50 things you might not know about Nature Chemistry

50 things you might not know about Nature Chemistry

On Monday I realized that our May 2013 issue is our 50th issue. To celebrate, we have compiled 50 (hopefully) interesting tidbits of information about the journal that you might not have been aware of. Apologies for the length of this post, but it seemed like cheating to do fewer than 50…  … Read more

Making more of methods

As a synthetic chemist the first thing I usually want to know about a chemical compound is “How did they make it?” and then “How do they know they made it?” However, synthetic procedures and characterization data for compounds are often found lurking in an article’s Methods section or in the depths of the Supplementary Information.  Read more