Action Potential

Easing back into it

Well, now, it has been a nice long break since the last post, but time to get this blog rolling again here in 2008. Let’s start light, while I finish cooking up the stuff I want to discuss. Let’s return to a request I buried in a previous post that received no response:

With regards to moving on, I have plenty of ideas for new discussions, but would also like to offer up the concept of “reader-generated content.” If I receive enough participation, I’m willing to discuss what you find interesting as often as you send me promising topics. For now, let’s set the modest goal of one reader-selected topic every 2 weeks, and go from there. If you would rather keep your communications and ideas private, feel free to email me at ‘Actionpotential’ at natureny dot com.

This can take any form, including a nomination for a new study that you think might stimulate conversation, or for clarification on a Nature Neuroscience paper that was recently published (I especially encourage the non-scientist readers to take us up on this offer!).

In addition, if you haven’t noticed, we have been working on a modest facelift of the blog homepage, with more organization and categorization. I’d love to hear any feedback on any of these new aspects and will take any other suggestions that might make the blog more user-friendly. Here’s looking towards a captivating survey of neuroscience in 2008!


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