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Moving to Nature Network

Another blogging hiatus on the old “Action Potential” blog. Sorry about that. However, the news is now that I have become a neuroscience editor for Nature, I will be taking my show on the road to a new site, and will be blogging on Nature Network. My new blog is called Nothing’s Shocking (10 points to whomever knows the reference) and will pretty much follow the same fast and loose style that got me into trouble here. I hope you’ll come take a look. There are already two posts up (besides the obligatory introductory trash), with more to come:  … Read more

Nature Neuroscience turns 10!

Our May editorial takes a brief look back at some of the history of Nature Neuroscience. We also present some of the most-cited papers over the past decade. This is an interesting exercise, as it provides an opportunity to reflect on the interests of both the authors and readers over the past decade.  Read more

NN Joins Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium

When the community is overburdened by peer review, it’s everybody’s problem. As of today, Nature Neuroscience has become part of the solution by joining the Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium, a flexible system that allows voluntary participation by authors, referees and editors. Here are more details, from our April editorial:  … Read more

Online journal club at Nature Network

I apologize for the blatant promotion, but I wanted to bring your attention to a new forum designed to spur on discussion involving interesting neuroscience papers. I categorized this under “What’s new in NN?”, except here, the “NN” is different: Nature Network. This platform has been around for some time now, but I am new to it. I recommend that you check out the site, as it aims to connect scientists on both the local and global levels (but unless you are in Boston or London, the local part is still being rolled out).  Read more