Meeting report: 4th Single Molecule Localisation Microscopy Symposium

In the shadow of The Shard at the end of August, I joined about ~120 scientists at KCL for the 4th Single Molecule Localisation Microscopy Symposium. This 3-day meeting preceded the announcement in October that the Nobel Prize in Chemistry had been awarded to Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell and William E. Moerner for their contributions to the field of super-resolution (SR) microscopy (which includes SMLM approaches), but it was already very clear from the content and calibre of the programme that the field was having an important impact on several key areas of biological research.  Read more

Nobel success

We are a little late to the party (it has been a busy month at Protocols HQ!), but Nature Protocols would like to extend their warmest congratulations to all this year’s winners of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry: Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell and William E. Moerner for their contributions to the development of super-resolution microscopy.  Read more

Microscopy Madness in Bangalore

Editorial note: Welcome (and a big thank you) to our first ever guest bloggers – Professor Hari Shroff and Dr Abhishek Kumar! Their post perfectly illustrates why we at Nature Protocols are so passionate about helping to ensure detailed technical knowledge and experience is transferred from one lab bench to another, from senior to junior researchers, across the globe. Enjoy their story – and be inspired by the achievements of the students!  Read more

March’s SoNYC: On setting the research record straight – Sound familiar?

Dorothy Clyde (Dot), is a Senior Editor at Nature Protocols and has been with the journal since its inception in January 2006. In her previous life as a research scientist, she spent close to a decade studying various aspects of fruit fly development and genetics. In her guest post she explains the role an editor plays in avoiding plagiarism, giving advice to all parties.   … Read more