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Testing times for metagenomics

An Article in the June issue of Nature Methods uses simulated data sets to evaluate programs used for metagenomics data analysis. The author of a News & Views argues that although the results indicate existing programs do work, new algorithms are needed as well as model metagenomics systems for use as test beds.  Read more

New teeth. Old news?

A paper by Takashi Tsuji and colleagues describing a general method to reconstitute ectodermal organs such as teeth and whiskers has met with criticism by members of the community who claim there is nothing substantively new reported. The development and transplantation of engineered teeth was previously reported but the changes described in the new report, though small, do seem to represent an important advance as attested to by others in the field.  Read more

Minimizing the risk of reporting false positives in large-scale RNAi screens

A group of investigators from various institutions have written a Commentary in which they articulate their experience about caveats of large-scale RNAi screens. These authors propose that the use of standard controls should be adopted across the community of RNAi users to minimize the risk of reporting false positives among screen results.  Read more