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Science In The City

Science In The City

A new interactive ‘Special’ in the online version of Nature, and partly reproduced in print, looks at the special relationship between scientists and cities. In a fascinating series of articles and graphics, the story of metropolitan research is told with the aid of some addictive data visualisations.  Read more

Mapping Science: Lindau

Given that we’re in Nobel season, today’s map has a ring of topicality about it. Over the summer, we gave regular coverage to the island of Lindau, at the foot of the Alps on Lake Constance. It is here that the annual gathering of Nobel Prize winners and early career scientists takes place, known as the Lindau Conference.  Read more

Mapping Science: Boston

With its prominent biotech sector, Harvard univeristy, MIT and world-class conference facilities, Boston (and adjoining Cambridge) is undeniably one of the great scientific cities of the world. Nature Network itself started off as a local site dedicated to serving the scientific community in Boston. This presence continues as a dedicated hub on NN, and hub leader Tinker Ready has now prepared a scientific map of her city.  Read more