Archive by date | April 2007

Harvard/MIT scientists looking for Martian DNA

The Globe today has an article about how Gary Ruvkun, a Harvard/MGH biologist, Maria Zuber, head of MIT’s earth sciences department, and others have teamed up to look for DNA on Mars. They’re building a device to detect DNA in Martian soil and hope to be part of a mission to the red planet in the next 10 years. Their project is being met with some skepticism…  … Read more

In Cambridge, science means business

Last night, WGBH, as part of the Cambridge Science Festival, aired an hour-long live show, called Science City Summit, about science in Cambridge, featuring local biotech reporters and business types (analysts, lawyers, industry scientists) talking about why Cambridge is such a biotech hub.  Read more

Einstein on stage

One of the editors here in Nature’s Cambridge office just told me that she saw Einstein’s Dreams on stage at the Broad Institute over the weekend and she really recommends going to see it. It’s part of the Cambridge Science Festival and performances continue throughout this week. You can buy tickets at the CSF website. I think I might try to attend later in the week.  Read more

Dispatch from Day 1 of the Cambridge Science Festival

The organizers of the Cambridge Science Festival could not have asked for a better day for the first day of their 9-day event. The first real jacket-free, t-shirts-and-sandals day of the year brought families and kids out in droves to Cambridge City Hall where the “Science Carnival” got underway. I have a personal interest in the intersection of science and the public, so out of curiosity, I spent a bit of time there, wading through the sea of children, to see how the city’s scientists would showcase their work.  Read more