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This week in Boston: Eminem, DNA and the start of the science festival


The science of Eminem: Science on Screen offers “8 Mile” at Coolidge Corner Theatre. First, Charles Limb M.D. will discuss musicians and their brains, including research into music perception with cochlear implants. Limb is, is an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine y, where he specializes in neurology and skull base surgery


A full day seminar at Harvard will look at how the of ethical, legal and social impact of, “direct-to-consumer genetic testing and crowd-sourced, ‘citizen-science’ epidemiological research using smartphones and the web.” The opening panel will cover “Deleterious Me: Whole Genome Sequencing, 23andMe, and the Crowd-Sourced Health Care Revolution.”


Harvard Grad students offer seminars to explain, “Science in the News.” This week’s topic – Planetary exploration.


Cambridge Science Festival kicks off today. Pick from a long list of events including a free Day at the MIT Museum, Alternative Histories of Science and urban astronomy in Harvard Square.



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