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Events in Boston May 14-20: Ants, sex. addiction and neglected diseases


Christian Rabeling studies, “reproductive mechanisms and their consequences on the genetic structure of social insect populations.” Today museum’s junior fellow asks, “Can Sex Re-Evolve? Digging for Sex in a Fungus-Growing Ant.  He speaks at noon at Harvard: Museum of Comparative Zoology, Room 101 26 Oxford St, Cambridge.

Matt Hutson reads from and talks about his new book “The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking“: Introduction by Alan Lightman. MIT’s Stata Center on Vassar St., Cambridge. 7 pm


Harvard’s McLean Hospital is famous for its famous patients. On Tuesday, Hugh Garavan of Ireland’s Trinity College, speaks there on “Cognitive Control and Its Role in Addiction, Addiction Tisk and Recovery.” DeMarneffe Building 132, 115 Mill St, Belmont.


Harvard students offer their latest “Science in the News” seminar from 7 – 9 on, “Neglected Diseases of the Bottom Billion.” Mallinckrodt Building, Pfizer Auditorium, 2 Oxford St.


At MIT: Ziv Bar-Joseph speaks on “Algorithms in nature: From systems biology to distributed computing and back” at 4 in G449 in MIT’s Stata Center on Vassar St:

“Computer science and biology have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship for decades. Computational methods are widely used to analyze and integrate large biological data sets, while several algorithms were inspired by the high-level design principles of biological systems. In this talk I will discuss the similarities and differences between the mechanisms and objectives of biological and computational systems with a special emphasis on the distributed nature of both.”



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