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Holograms, physics and more science in Boston this week


MIT professor Walter Lewin is known for taking physics viral. Starting Monday and running into July, he will be making a new series of videos for Japanese TV. If you don’t mind being part of the studio audience, show up to see him live. Monday’s topic: Gravity, Pendulums and the Conservation of Energy.


What is a hologram? According to the MIT Museum ”A hologram is a 3- dimensional image that results from a complex set of imaging activities involving lighting the object to be recorded on a film or digital recording device, in a particular manner, as with a laser, using a direct beam of coherent light.” This week, the museum opens a new exhibit — The Jeweled Net: Views of Contemporary Holography  — and holds a symposium to celebrate.


The Harvard Global Health Institute holds its annual New England TB Symposium. This year’s focus is drug resistance with an emphasis on mechanisms, epidemiology and policy.

That night, Jeff Deyette, co-author of the Union of Concerned Scientists book, Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living  describes everyday energy saving opportunities Belmont Media Center.



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