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This week in Boston events: Birds, dinosaurs and optogenetics


Start this week with a visit to our listing of ongoing events, which provides info on local museum exhibits, including Berenice Abbott Photography and Science: Essential Unity. The show is one of many at the always fresh MIT museum. When you’re done, have a bite at the nearby Miracle of Science restaurant, where the blackboard menu takes the form of the periodic table.  


The Broad Institute’s Midsummer Nights’ Science  series continues with” Dissecting the Brain, One Gene at a Time.” Feng Zhang will be talking about optogenetics, the use of “light-sensitive proteins from green algae and other microbes to develop a new “optogenetic” toolbox for controlling the activity of neurons in live organisms with light,” says his website. Register early as this is a popular event. You’ll be competing with Boston Nerd Meetup, whose members could take up half the small hall.


Zoo New England offers a talk on the avian origin of dinosaurs.  The zoo site says Boston College biologist Alexander Coverdill will “ share information about some recent finds and speculation about winged and feathered dinosaurs…Dr. Coverdill’s research focuses on the migration physiology and behavior of Arctic breeding songbirds including the white-crowned sparrow and snow bunting,”



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