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Science events this week: Talking heads, Rachel Carson and monogomy


The Museum of Science offers free admission to college students. And, they come. Get our student ID and head over to College Night.  

At BU, former Talking Head David Byrne and scientific celebrity Steven Pinker meet at BU to ponder the Question: Are We Born Musical?.


 Big Love: Monogamy and Promiscuity in the Animal Kingdom.” The Harvard students behind “Science in the News” will describe: some extraordinary mating systems employed by diverse creatures, from shorebirds to giant slugs, and lay out some of the fundamental principles that affect whether males and females have multiple mates or just one.”  This part should be interesting: “Following the talk, there will be a short demonstration during which the scientists will introduce their specific work in the field and show some real data.


Calling Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring a book not about science, but about               “environmental advocacy in the form of fable and narrative.”  Harvard hosts a panel on how the two meet.



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