Leaving Nature Network

After nearly four years as an editor of Nature Network, I am leaving to become the Research Highlights Editor of Nature. I leave the site in very good hands. Matt Brown, who is a former Nature Network editor and currently a Community Leader with Nature Network London, is already filling in for me until my replacement is hired. And Ian Mulvany has just become NN’s product development manager. You can reach them at network@nature.com.  Read more

Harvard’s financial struggles

Things are not looking good over at Harvard. The endowment has taken an unprecedented hit and because the university depends so heavily on its endowment to pay for basic operations, administrators are still looking for more ways to cut costs. While Harvard is aiming to get its spending down to the levels of just four years ago, the university has expanded so much during that time, especially in the sciences, that cost cutting is turning out to be quite painful.  Read more

Beth Israel shrinking research space; a sign of the wild funding ride in biomed science

Research hospitals in Boston have been hit with a double whammy; the combination of lower payments from medical insurers on the clinical side, with declining funding from the NIH on the research side, has made life tough at places like Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, one of Harvard’s affiliated hospitals.  Read more

Cambridge Science Festival next week-a preview

Starting this Saturday, the third annual, week-long Cambridge Science Festival (sponsored by MIT and the city of Cambridge) kicks off. The festival is geared primarily towards members of the general public, especially kids and families to spark young people’s interest in science. However, this year, they made the events listing sortable by age range, so here’s my pick of the more interesting adult-oriented events. Go here for the full programme.  Read more

Newspapers on the brink-where to next?

It’s been interesting to watch the response over the last few weeks to the news that the Boston Globe owners are threatening to shut down the paper. When something people take for granted, like a daily newspaper, is at risk of disappearing, only then do they speak up: bloggers, led by the CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Paul Levy, have joined in on an online rally actor Ben Affleck (who grew up in Cambridge) has spoken out about the importance of the Globe.  Read more

No more science section in the Boston Globe

Things haven’t been so good at our beloved local paper, the Boston Globe. After several rounds of cost-cutting measures (layoffs/buyouts), the paper’s science section finally fell victim. According to the Columbia Journalism Review, the Globe cut its weekly science section last week.  Read more

Dalai Lama coming to town

MIT recently launched The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values and who better to speak at its first conference next month than the man himself? According to the Boston Globe, the Dalai Lama will be in Boston at the end of April for four days to give a series of talks, including one at the MIT event called “Ethics and Enlightened Leadership”. (I wonder if he’ll discuss the failure of ethics on Wall Street?)  … Read more