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How hot was 2007?

The numbers are in: 2007 (from January till November) has been the 7th warmest year on record, according to the UK’s meterological office. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration puts it at 5th.

It’s easy to drown in these kinds of statistics, so let’s cut to the chase: the ten warmest years since 1850 have all happened since 1995. If it seems odd to release results for the year’s temperature in November (before the year ends), note that it comes in time to be presented at the UN Climate Change meeting in Bali.

There’s a nice crunching of the UK numbers in The Times, while Reuters rounds up some extreme weather disasters.

Those aware that there was some hyped controversy about records like this a few months ago might like to check out this Real Climate post.

The full report on the climate of 2007 should soon be available on the WMO website.

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    Maurizio Morabito said:

    Since the HadCRUT figures are published online, I recommend anybody interested in checking them out for themselves

    These are the “land” temperatures globally for example.

    Two items of note among many. First of all, why is 2007 not the warmest but just among the warmest years, it’s something that ought to be explained. Can’t anybody spell “plateau”?

    Also one thing few seem to have spotted is that southern oceanic temperatures for November are near the lowest in 16 years. Talk about “warming”…

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    Bishop Hill said:


    Lots of people would like to check out the HadCRUT figures, but they will not release the raw data. Wouldn’t do to have the proles look at it.

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