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Ones that got away

“If someone’s basement floods and they lose their job on the same day, it is certainly an unlucky day. But they would not wait until they found a new job before pumping the basement and fixing the leak.”

EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Ditmas channels Joe the Plumber in an open letter to Obama on climate policy (h/t Green Inc.), the day before the EU unveiled its pre-Copenhagen proposal.

“Just days after taking office, US President Barack Obama has appointed a climate envoy and cleared the way for new rules to force automakers to produce cleaner cars.”

UNEP on Obama’s first week, which put a California vehicle emissions law blocked by Bush back up for review.

“It is foolhardy to demonise all biofuels as unsustainable and environmentally damaging when some, which are already on the market, can play an important role, right now, in helping us to tackle climate change.”

Responding to the UK’s new target of using 3.25% biofuel for vehicles in 2009-2010 – a bit more than the 3% a recent government review recommended – Jeremy Woods at the Royal Society defends plant-derived power.

Global renewables agency launched as support falters

The US and UK decline to sign onto the International Renewable Energy Agency. London is thought to be concerned that the new body will undermine the International Energy Agency.


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    Elaine Reisman said:

    Is it not true that along with global warming caused by the hubris of mankind, we also have to consider the natural sequence of global change due to the aging of our earth, and the effects of the changes in the tilt of the earth. Thus- adding to the current equation the importance of tilt theory and its added affects, on crops, natural resources, and world economics…

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