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Prizewinning climate mini-documentaries focus on Bangladesh

Winners were announced Friday Thursday in a contest organized by the World Bank for short-short films – two to five minutes long – documenting the social dimensions of climate change. The ‘Vulnerability Exposed’ contest put out an open call last autumn for films to be posted on YouTube, with a special plea for documentation of developing-world impacts.

And the winner for vulnerability exposure is… Bangladesh! The judges’ top pick and the runner-up focus on unpredictable floods in the country and its salinization by the rising sea – some of the same issues Mason Inman wrote about in NRCC recently.

The first-prize film, “Flood Children of Holdibari” by Mary Matheson, looks at children working out an adaptation plan for floods on their river-island home.

Second prize went to Rosa Rogers for “Climate Change in Bangladesh: Who Will Pay?”, a film on how salinization and other effects are changing agricultural patterns in the southern delta.

Anna Barnett


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