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Where else would Daryl Hannah and Jim Hansen walk arm-in-arm?

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Jim Hansen, the earth scientist known for his outspokenness about global warming, is marching today as part of a climate protest against burning coal. The focus of all the attention is the Capitol Power Plant, a coal-burning monstrosity just blocks from the US Capitol building that is one of the biggest sources of emissions in the District of Columbia. Hundreds of protestors have reportedly turned out, even in the snow that coats Washington several inches deep and snarled commutes this morning.

Over at Nature’s Twitter feed, reporter Jeff Tollefson notes that Hansen says he is willing to get arrested. Check out the action live as Jeff reports it.

Image (sans Darryl Hannah): Jeff Tollefson


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    John Galt said:

    This plant is owned by the US gov, why not lobby congress to close it? Those who work in the Capitol can just all wear a sweater.

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