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Police pinch protesting Hansen in climate change kerfuffle

hansen prior.jpgClimate guru and NASA scientist James Hansen has been arrested after taking part in a protest against mountaintop coal mining.

Hansen, along with actress Daryl Hannah and other protesters, apparently planned to deliberately trespass on the property of mining company Massey Energy in the appropriately named Coal River Valley, West Virginia (press release).

However, a counter protest by miners and coal industry supporters forced them to change their plans. Instead, according to the Charleston Gazette, they sat down in the road outside Massey Energy’s Goals Coal preparation plant in Raleigh County and were arrested for obstructing the police and impeding traffic.

Some reports say Hansen and other actually did trespass. Another account alleges a coal supporter assaulted members of the Hansen protest group.

Hansen, of course, has a long history of opposing coal power. He even appeared with Hannah before at a climate change protest, where Nature reporter Jeff Tollefson noted “Hansen says he is willing to get arrested”.

Willing and able, it seems.


Photos of the protest and arrests – RAN

A Plea To President Obama: End Mountaintop Coal Mining – Hansen on the Enivronment 360 blog

Cross-posted by Daniel Cressey on The Great Beyond

Image: Hansen at a previous protest / Jeff Tollefson


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    SarahM said:

    You know, I’m all for saving what we can of this round ball we live on, but sometimes I just don’t get people who think its ok to break the law as long as it suits their agenda.

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