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Guardian launches 10:10 campaign

1010.bmpToday The Guardian is unveiling their new 10:10 campaign, which pledges individuals, businesses and organizations to shrink their carbon footprints 10% in 2010. I’m heading down to Tate Modern to tweet the launch – follow @annabarnett, #1010.

Anna Barnett


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    Matt Vaughan said:

    This is an awesome idea, and it’s something that a lot of people and organizations can get behind. I see one problem though: how will each person or business know that they’ve cut their carbon footprint by 10%? Will they have to report back to the 10:10 so that the campaign can see how successful they’ve been? It seems like it is easy to sign up, but tough to follow through with. If people feel compelled to stick to the plan, this could make a big difference.

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    Ali Sharif said:

    Environment is the only thing which bring us together ,despite our religion , race , culture difference.It is our father , mother and what we have in common.Please let us act together before we reach a point of no return.

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