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How a computer expert corrected the Met Office

Cross-posted from Daniel Cressey on The Great Beyond Another day, another fault discovered in the climate change catechism? This time it’s not the usual suspects claiming a grand global conspiracy though. It’s a bit more interesting than that. At the heart of this story is professional computer programmer John Graham-Cumming, who decided to write some software to number crunch temperature data released by the UK’s Met Office. “I thought it would be a fun hobby project to use those records to reproduce the worrying charts that show the increase in global temperatures,” he wrote on his blog last week. “Because  … Read more

Nature editor resigns from ‘climate-gate’ review

Nature editor resigns from ‘climate-gate’ review

Cross posted from Daniel Cressey on The Great Beyond Nature’s editor in chief has stepped down from the Russell Review inquiry into aspects of the ‘climate-gate’ emails, just hours after the inquiry team was unveiled. Philip Campbell stood down after it emerged he told a Chinese reporter last year that the scientists at the centre of the climate-gate row “have behaved as researchers should”. A key aspect of the review headed by Muir Russell is whether scientists at the University of East Anglia followed proper scientific procedures. In a statement released to the media yesterday, Campbell said “I made the  … Read more

Head of climate-gate inquiry defends independence

Cross-posted from Daniel Cressey on The Great Beyond The team reviewing allegations of poor scientific practice at the University of East Anglia set out its stall today, and immediately faced questions about its own independence. The review was triggered by emails purloined from the university’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU), which trigged the so-called climate-gate brouhaha. Review head Muir Russell staunchly defended the independent nature of the review when questioned about the fact that it is funded by the university itself. Russell, the former vice-chancellor of the University of Glasgow, also faced questions about the inclusion of Nature’s editor in chief  … Read more