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Nature news content now free

Olive Heffernan

Some good news for readers of Climate Feedback: all content on Nature news is now free, including online news, and news and news features published in Nature.

We often link to Nature news stories on the blog and, as many of you know, this content has, until now, been behind a paywall from four days after publication.

Now, all Nature news content will remain freely available and the archive will be accessible to all. Nature Publishing Group has made this change so that Nature’s news content can be disseminated and discussed as widely as possible.

Further details are available here.


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    rustneversleeps said:

    Well, I’m a subscriber anyway, but this is a great direction/initiative. Two thumbs up!

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    Steve said:

    Why is this so great? I wonder how Nature will benefit. After all, nothing is really for free.

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