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Picture post: ‘hottest April ever’

Cross-posted by Daniel Cressey on The Great Beyond

April this year was the hottest on record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has announced.

The combined surface temperatures on land and at sea averaged 14.5 °C, some 0.76 °C above the 20th century average. Average ocean surface temperature was the warmest on record for April and the global land surface temperature was the third warmest on record for the month.

NOAA also says that Arctic sea ice was “below normal for the 11th consecutive April” while “based on NOAA satellite observations, snow cover extent was the fourth-lowest on record” since 1967.

This map from NOAA shows so-called ‘temperature anomalies’ in April 2010, compared to the 1971-2000 baseline. The red dots are higher than average temperatures, the blue dots lower than average. Dot size relates to how far from the average the measurements were (large map, with key).

noaa april temps.gif

Image: NOAA


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