Climate Feedback

A call to contribute

Olive Heffernan

Next spring will bring a much-awaited and exciting new addition to the family of Nature journals. The newest of Nature’s research journals, Nature Climate Change will dedicate its coverage to one of the greatest challenges for science and society.

By and large, society now accepts that climate change is happening. But the science of global climate change is far from settled — large uncertainties remain regarding the rate of change and the scale and distribution of impacts. Less certain still is how we will respond as individuals and collectively to the problem. Although ample cause for concern, such uncertainty also brings the opportunity for new discovery.

Nature Climate Change, which becomes available in print from April 2011, aims to be the world’s leading research journal for documenting new scientific discoveries about how we will experience and respond to the challenges of a changing climate. With our online submission system now open, we are calling for original research articles from the natural and social science communities, in subject areas from atmospheric physics to psychology and policy. Central to the journal’s mission, and to addressing climate change, is reaching beyond traditional academic boundaries, and bringing together diverse expertise and perspectives. As such, Nature Climate Change especially encourages the submission of interdisciplinary climate research. Further details can be found in our Guide to Authors.

Committed to a rigorous peer-review process, we will publish original research in Article and Letter format, selecting papers for their novelty and broad interest to those working in climate change. As with our sister journals, we will rely on the expertise and good will of the research community to assist us in evaluating the science submitted to us, such that only the highest quality research makes it through to publication. By ensuring that our authors make their data available to readers on request, the editorial team at Nature Climate Change will commit itself wholeheartedly to promoting transparency in climate research.

In addition to calling for papers, over the next six months we will be keeping readers informed of the latest developments in climate research published elsewhere. Reflecting the breadth of topics we will publish in print from April 2011, our research highlights will be available online weekly from 26 October 2010. Readers can receive an electronic update simply by signing up online. Those who enjoyed Nature Reports Climate Change, an online forerunner of the journal, can continue to access archived content from the website freely.

Some readers may question our decision to move our climate-related content into print in launching a journal. Although we strive to make our content just as accessible and enjoyable in html and pdf format, the simple fact is that print remains the medium of choice for most of our readers. Until readers’ preferences change and we can move fully into the digital domain, we are working to ensure that we produce the print version of our journal as sustainably as possible.

Nature Climate Change will offer something truly different from any existing journal: the very best of new climate research spanning the breadth of natural and social science, reviews of key questions in climate science, opinion and analysis, and unique reporting from renowned journalists. Authors who have traditionally submitted their papers to Nature and Nature Geosciencenow have another outlet to consider, one that extends beyond academia and is geared towards the wider climate community.

With this new journal, we aim to take the discussion on climate change both to a new level and to a broader range of readers. In achieving this, we ask for your input, as authors, reviewers and commentators, whether long-standing or new contributors to Nature journals. Between now and next spring, we look forward to hearing from you, to receiving your papers, your ideas for reviews and your honest feedback.


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