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Madagascar: how to save a forest

Anjali Nayar, an International Development Research Centre fellow at Nature, recently visited a pioneering project in Madagascar that’s aiming to protect one of the country’s few remaining forests. About 90% of the species in Madagascar’s rainforests are found nowhere else on Earth, but efforts to save the island nation’s forests are about more than conserving biodiversity.  Read more

Climate war games

Nature reporter Jeff Tollefson is one contestant in a ‘climate war game’ taking place this week in Washington, where four teams representing China, India, Europe and the United States are negotiating a new deal on curbing global greenhouse gas emissions.  Read more

G8 Hokkaido Summit: Climate Feedback coverage

Next week, here on Climate Feedback, I’ll be reporting directly from Hokkaido, Japan’s nothernmost island, where leaders from rich nations and emerging economies will be meeting to discuss some of the world’s most pressing problems.  Read more