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The real holes in climate science

When I started working last month on a news feature about gaps in climate science I was expecting a tough reporting job. Too fresh, so I thought, were the scars the field and many leading scientists had received from the hacking affair at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) in Norwich to readily discuss with a reporter the ‘dirty laundry’ (my phrase) of climate science.  Read more

AGU 2009 Joint Assembly: Global change, local impacts

Level 7 of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is situated above Level 8, and Level 6 is higher still. Once you find your way around, it’s seems the perfect place to study atmospheric inversions and other climatological phenomena. That’s what is happening at the centre this week during the Joint Assembly of the American and Canadian Geophysical Unions, along with a half-dozen other Earth and space science societies.  Read more

Untangling aerosol effects

When it comes to describing how human activities are altering the Earth’s climate, aerosol emissions can tie your tongue in knots. Airborne pollution particles grouped under the “aerosol” heading come in a wide assortment – and some, as this NRCC article explains, tend to absorb sunlight and heat up the atmosphere, while others are more reflective and cooling. On top of that, it’s been thought to make a difference whether this potpourri of pollutants ends up drifting in clear skies or above clouds. Coming in now are the first experimental data that show just how important the effect of cloudiness is.  Read more

Prizewinning climate mini-documentaries focus on Bangladesh

Winners were announced Friday Thursday in a contest organized by the World Bank for short-short films – two to five minutes long – documenting the social dimensions of climate change. The ‘Vulnerability Exposed’ contest put out an open call last autumn for films to be posted on YouTube, with a special plea for documentation of developing-world impacts.  Read more

Q&A: Andrew Gouldson, director of the new Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy

Q&A: Andrew Gouldson, director of the new Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy

The UK will get an intriguing new climate research centre next week, with the launch of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy at the London School of Economics and the University of Leeds. In a Q&A for Nature Reports Climate Change, I’ve interviewed Andrew Gouldson, who will co-direct the centre with Judith Rees under chairman Lord Nicholas Stern – and who envisions a strong focus on regional impacts of climate change.  Read more