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Nile University students start sit-in at Zewail City campus

Nile University students start a sit-in in front of the main building until their demands are met.

In an escalation of the row between Nile University and Zewail City of Science and Technology in Egypt over a disputed campus, more than 50 students from Nile University today forced their way into the Zewail City campus to protest the “loss of their campus”.  Read more

Is the planetary alignment picture a hoax?

Is the planetary alignment picture a hoax?

Over the past two days, the picture on the right went viral across the Internet, especially on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The image claims that on 3rd December, 2012, Mercury, Venus and Saturn will be aligned in the night sky, with each of the three planets showing exactly above the tip of one of the three pyramids of Giza. I kept getting several messages from friends asking if this is true or just another hoax image.  Read more

KAUST researchers win top places in contest to combat desertification

Two research teams from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) win the first and second place in the international  “Help to Avoid Desertification” idea contest, sponsored by Bayers MaterialScience.  Read more

Why waste money on the Mars landing?

The first image sent back from Curiosity upon landing. Part of the rover's wheels are visible as well as its shadow.

I woke up earlier than normal today and quickly rushed to my computer to watch Curiosity, a NASA rover, attempt to land on the surface of Mars. I wasn’t alone either, people all over the world either stayed up late or woke up early to watch the event. I found myself holding my breath as the rover tried to make the very tricky landing without crashing.  Read more

UAE turns to cloud seeding for rain

A jet disperses chemicals to act as seeds to increase rainfall.

This year, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) saw it’s warmest July since 2002, with temperatures peaking at 50.4°C. The country is now looking to science, hoping international meteorologists can help it develop it’s cloud-seeding efforts to relieve the heat.  Read more