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Students suffer rising tuition fees

Young people in the Middle East now have more options for high quality university education than were available 10 years ago. This, however, has come with steeply rising tuition fees that often strain the budgets of families eager to secure a  better future for their children.  Read more

Post-revolution higher education in Egypt

Post-revolution higher education in Egypt

A little over two years ago, and following the public uprising that ousted long-time president Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, academics in the most populous Arab state starting calling for change and upheaval in the country’s aching higher educational system. Various calls ranging from more transparency in choosing university leadership to more democracy for both faculty and students went out. Some where answered and others remain unheeded – yet there has been little signs of improvement on the ground.  Read more

Nile University wins case against Zewail City

Nile University wins case against Zewail City

The long legal dispute between Nile University and Zewail City of Science and Technology over a campus on the outskirts of Cairo is coming to an end, after the Supreme Administrative Court in Egypt ruled in favour of giving the campus back to Nile University.  Read more

Why FameLab matters

The winners of the first FameLab Egypr 2013 heat in Cairo University.

I have often visited the prestigious Cairo University grand hall to attend lectures or talks by prominent researchers and politicians – including Barack Obama on his first trip to an Arab state after he became the US president. Early this week, I found myself sitting there in the front rows again, but instead of world-renowned figures, it was dozens of young undergraduates and postgraduates taking the stage for the first leg of the FameLab Egypt competition.  Read more

Caltech president to leave post and head to Saudi University

California Institute of Technology president Jean-Lou Chameau has announced that he will step down.

Jean-Lou Chameau is leaving his post as president of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena at an unspecified date later this year to head the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology(KAUST) in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.  Read more

Qatar seeks to lead world in date palm research

Qatar seeks to lead world in date palm research

Four years ago, WCMC-Q researchers, led by geneticist Joel Malek mapped a draft version of the date palm genome. This helped the team to identify the gene sequences responsible for sex in the tree. This could potentially increase yield by 100% – since only the females of date palms, which are dioecious, can bear fruit. The gene families responsible for fruit quality are next on Malek’s agenda to help breeders improve the varieties of date palms.  Read more

Nile University students discuss their dissertations in makeshift tents

Salma Shabayek is the latest Nile University postgraduate student to defend her thesis in the protest tents.

It has been 52 days since the protesting students of Nile University have started an open sit-in, demanding their university be accredited as a national university and that they be allowed to use the disputed campus that was originally built for them, but which the government has reallocated to the Zewail City of Science and Technology.  Read more