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Researchers can now tell who will be depressed, or not, in response to stressors

Two people, with similar circumstances, can experience the same stressor – death, trauma or even bankruptcy – and one could go on to develop depression while the other  would weather the crisis and come out unharmed. What makes the difference between one and the other? Why do some function normally following a crisis, or are more resilient, while others become emotionally crippled by it?  Read more

“Revolutionary” type 2 diabetes therapy to be released soon

"Revolutionary" type 2 diabetes therapy to be released soon

A new class of diabetes therapy, soon to be available on the markets, including in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, is the first to target the kidney, say experts, and is hailed as “revolutionary” by Boehringer Ingelheim, the pharmaceutical producing it.  Read more

Talking it out: How diabetics benefit from diagnosis conversations with doctors

Early conversations between physicians and diabetes patients are not only critical for patients’ emotional well-being but they also predict the degree to which patients keep up with treatment.  Read more

What we can do to fight a diabetes pandemic

What we can do to fight a diabetes pandemic

On World Diabetes Day, the head of medical core facilities and research platforms at the King Abdullah International Medical Research Center in Saudi Arabia Mohamed Boudjelal writes to Nature Middle East’s House of Wisdom about the region’s type 2 diabetes nightmare, and what could be done, on the individual level, to prevent or at least ease the blow of the yet incurable disease.  Read more

‘End of world plague’ remains uncovered in Egypt

Two skulls, two bricks and a third century AD jug found inside the remains of the bonfire

The remains of one of the most notorious epidemics to have hit the region—one so bad that it killed two Roman emperors and was labeled “the end of the world” plague—were uncovered in Luxor, archaeologists announced earlier this week.  Read more