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Nature India Photo Contest 2019: Finalist #7

Here is the finalist number seven in the Nature India Photo Contest 2019:

Sandeep Nema, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Photo caption: Square meal

Aadi Kumar

“An Indian village woman cooks a basic meal for her family on a makeshift wood-fired chulha . As the poor cannot afford expensive raw material or means of cooking, they cook and consume whatever is available for survival, without much care for nutrition or hygiene. These meals mostly consist of a source of carbohydrate, typically rice. On a lucky day, the platter may have some lentils or a smattering of vegetables. This picture was taken in suburban Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.” — Sandeep Nema

Welcome to the top 10 shortlist, Sandeep!

Watch this space as we announce the other finalists in the coming days.

The winning pictures will get cash prizes worth $350, $250 and $200 respectively. The top 10 finalists will be featured here, on Nature India’s blog Indigenus and in our subsequent annual issue.

These entries have been judged for novelty, creativity, quality and print worthiness. The winner and two runners-up will also receive a copy of the Nature India Annual Volume 2019 and a bag of Nature Research goodies (including Collector’s first issues of Nature and Scientific American and some other keepsakes). Winning entries stand a chance of being featured on the cover of one of our forthcoming print publications.


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