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Journalism: Breach of security

Before this morning’s opening session commenced, the hotel manager made an apology for the breach of security that had occurred in the night. The ears of those of us not staying in the Hyatt conference hotel pricked up and I’ve been trying to uncover the details ever since.

It transpires out that some anti-climate change propagandists somehow broke into the hotel and posted magazines and DVDs under the doors of guests overnight. Worrying because the hotel’s card keys should only allow guests out of the lift on their own floor, yet the activists managed to pamphlet almost the whole tower.

The suspects are now in custody having twice attempted to infiltrate the meeting itself today. The first time they were asked to register but could not prove their journalistic credentials, but the second time they were held and questioned about the incident. An announcement will be made later to update us on the situation…..

Ruth Francis


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