In The Field

Suddenly Synthetic (was Standing Beside Other Posters)

I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of this poster put up by Etc. group for the evening poster session at Synthetic Biology 3.0 in Zürich, Switzerland.

little shop of synthetic bio.jpg

Etc. is an advocacy group that has been urging caution on the synthetic biology front. In general, their arguments are fairly interesting, if not leaning a bit towards radical socialism. But this poster, wedged between serious scientific presentations, seemed over the top enough that conference goers were requesting I take their picture beside it. I waited around for someone from Etc. to come ‘walk me through it.’ But no one showed up.

Incidentally, during the panel discussion this evening, someone from the audience mentioned learning a lot from a poster that Etc. was presenting. I don’t think this is the one she was talking about. Maybe I can get Jim Thomas to explain it to me tomorrow on the last day of the conference.


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