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Climate War Game: Coffee & the morning news

I’ve now got a cup of coffee and have had time to peruse today’s edition of the Climate Game Times, which has a story about the conference and a review of the last major climate agreement (ratified in 2012, you will remember).

According to the Times, UN Secretary General John Podesta (who currently heads the Center for American Progress, which is sponsoring the war game, and formerly served as chief of staff to US President Bill Clinton) plans to push for some kind of “legal recognition” for environmental refugees. Podesta also wants to see additional resources for adaptation and the creation of a new international disaster relief agency.

The Times also reports that “very few signatories” to the 2012 agreement are on track to meet their initial obligations to reduce emissions by 20 percent by 2020. Regardless, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that unless carbon dioxide emissions decline this year, in 2015, “catastrophic climate change could be the result by the end of the century.” In this context, Podesta also plans to push for a new round of deep and immediate emissions cuts.

IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri is about to speak from India, so I’ll stop here for now.


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