In The Field

ESOF soundbites

“This population explosion will present a series of interconnected challenges that are qualitatively different from those facing humanity at the start of the 20th century – ranging from food and energy security to increased terrorism and the impacts of climate change.”

David King, former head of the UK’s Government Office of Science, explains why population growth is one of the subjects of his keynote lecture on the environmental challenges of the 21st century

“I consider myself an environmentalist, having worked 25 years in the nuclear industry.”

Cutting carbon dioxide emissions is true environmentalism, says Adrian Bull of power company Westinghouse, as he takes issue with a question about opponents of the nuclear industry.

Bonus video: ‘There’s plenty of room at the bottom’.

A performance of this nano-science play will show tomorrow. See if you can work out what is going on in this recording.

“Science journalism at its best”

Banner above one of the exhibition stands this morning. The stand was empty apart from a pile of magazines with the headline ‘Who’s fooling whom?’


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